Sermon Series

Illumine uses Sermon Series to help build narratives both in individual services and throughout the series. We won't write your sermons for you, but we can save you time by providing you with the resources necessary to put these ideas in front of your people.

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What's Included


    • A detailed guide that includes orders of service for each week of the series, responsive readings, descriptions of the different elements of each service (such as Children's Sermons and Scripture Readings), and information about the songs utilized throughout the series.

  • Lead Sheets and other sheet music

    • For any songs that are Public Domain or created by Illumine, we have included Lead Sheets and Piano Music (where applicable). For any songs that are copyrighted, we provide links to where you can find sheet music and/or chord charts.

  • Audio Recording

    • For any songs that Illumine has created, we provide an MP3. For any songs that are Public Domain, we provide a demo MP3. For any songs that are copyrighted, we provide links to where you can download an MP3 (sometimes for free).


    • For use in posters or on social media, we provide multiple sizes of the series images to suit different purposes.

  • Slide Templates

    • If you make use of projection, our slide templates provide clean, thematic backgrounds that tie your projection to the artwork used for the series.

Sermon Series | Witness

Peter’s perspective on the End Times is the sort of key or angle of approach for this series. He and the other leaders of the very early church were almost obsessed with the End Times, even to the point that it was a problem for them that had to be addressed in Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. Despite these issues, there was a reason they were so focused on the End Times: they’re the point.


Everything Peter hoped for, his whole perspective on the coming of the kingdom of God, he figured out as he meditated on and studied Scripture regarding God’s victory at judgment. He states that we have the prophets, an even more certain and reliable source for what is coming than the transfiguration.

Note: This 4 week series was originally designed to begin on Easter Sunday, but adjustments could be made for it to fit at other points during the year.

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Sermon Series | You Can Tell Everybody

Whether you think of Elton John’s “Your Song” or Aloe Blacc’s “The Man,” the words “you can tell everybody” mean the same basic thing: you can be proud enough of what is going on to want to tell every possible person. And what will you tell them? That you are loved by someone significant!

This is, very easily, the message of every person – because we are all loved by God in Jesus. Jesus is certainly someone significant (as we’ll see especially well on Easter Sunday) – and he loves you. So what can you do? You can tell everybody.

Note: This 3 week series was designed to begin two weeks before Easter and end on Easter Sunday. It also includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services.

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Sermon Series | See Life Better

There’s a very serious proposition in this sermon series: If you learn to look at your life in light of the life of Christ, you will be able to see life much, much better. There are two ideas in the phrase “See life better.” The first is that you can see life more clearly. When we look at the world in the way God shows it to us, it really can make sense. The second is that you can see life improve. This has to come second – if you don’t see life more clearly, things will stay the same. But if we approach life more wisely, we will also see it change for the good.

Note: This 4 week series was originally used around Easter (with the second week being Easter Sunday) but adjustments could certainly be made to use this at any point in the year.

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