Small Groups

Small groups meet weekly for 8-10 weeks. These are unique among our education opportunities because they provide chances to learn with a consistent group, and to share the experience of learning in a way that broad-based education opportunities like Film Fests and Trivia Nights cannot offer.


What's Included

  • small group guide

    • The Small Group Guide includes everything you will need to begin your own small group with adults. A detailed planning calendar with what to do before, during, and after your Small Groups is included in this guide.
  • small group Invitation

    • These colorful Small Group invitations are easy to edit and print front-to-back.
  • Teacher's Lesson Guides

    • These comprehensive lesson guides make it easy for anyone to lead a small group session. Questions, answers, and discussion points are all laid out for you in an easy-to-follow format. Everything you will need to be successful leading the discussion is provided for you in these documents. Guides are provided for all nine sessions.
  • Session Handouts

    • Session handouts are provided in two different formats: booklet (ideal for printing) and digital (for individuals who prefer a digital copy of handouts). There is a booklet (and digital image) provided for each of the nine sessions.
  • Publicity images

    • Publicity matters when it comes to running a successful Small Group. There are six images provided in this download for you to use however you wish.
  • Small Group Sign-Up Sheet

    • Make it simple for individuals to sign up for Small Group. Just print and display the sign-up sheet.

Small Group | Conflict
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Each week during this small group Bible study we will be looking at different types of conflict, how/why conflict sometimes occurs, and discuss effective ways to approach and solve conflicts quickly, honestly, and healthily when they arise.