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the ministry of rest

When Illumine approaches a worship event, spiritual rest is the goal. This restfulness permeates all the pieces that combine to make worship - the art, the music, the spoken word, the order. Why rest? Because that's what the Means of Grace (the truth of Jesus in Scripture and Sacrament) offer. They offer a God who has done the work for us, asks for our burdens, and offers us life without worry. 

The resources you'll get when you click the links here in the worship section are going to help you create that same experience. God wants to serve your people. He wants them to rest in his arms. He wants to do that in worship. We hope these resources help you offer God's spiritual rest. 



When Illumine approaches an education event, spiritual wisdom is the goal. Those who participate in the education events available below should be challenged to grow, to ask questions and discover answers, and to become something more than they were when the events began. This wisdom is the kind that will help people navigate life. It gives them answers in complicated situations by reframing those situations. Help people see life better by seeing it through the eyes of, and in the wisdom of, the God who gave them life. 

Most importantly, the products below will help people connect their minds and thought processes to the good news of God's love in Jesus. As those you minister to begin to learn that everything connects to Christ's work for them, by the grace of God and through the Holy Spirit, they'll gain real wisdom. What comes next is truly wonderful to see. 



Adult learners are, if nothing else, diverse. They typically want to learn, but they have high standards about what they are learning, how it is taught, and how useful it ends up being. As you help your adult learners grow by testing their assumptions and increasing their knowledge, we want to help you offer a variety of event types. This will help you serve every learner in your congregation. 

Illumine Content has both single-session events - such as Seminars, Film Fests, White Pages, and Trivia Nights - along with the more common multi-session events - things like Bible Classes, Small Group Studies, and Marriage & Parenting Courses. Whether you're looking to enhance your current ministry offerings or offer new, unique opportunities for people to get into the Word, there is something that will help you serve your people better here.



Developing a strong sense of Biblical literacy is a vital part of educating the youth of the church. Couple this need for understanding the stories and flow of the Bible with the important work of training up a child in the way they should go, and there is a lot to do during the formative years. The resources available here are meant to find the balance between Biblical literacy and practical usefulness, equipping the kids who experience them with both. 

Illumine Content has products that will help you run both single-session events - Christmas Camps, Easter Camps, or Teen Coffee Talks - along with multi-session events - things like Science Camp, Confirmation Class, Cradle Roll, and Sunday School. Whether you're looking to strengthen the youth education you already have or offering a new opportunity, there's something here that will help you serve your people better. 


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The ministry Of Purpose

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The ministry of SHARING

Evangelism is the first and foremost task that God gives his church. It's reach is the broadest and it's appeal needs to be to all people, because God has the desire to bring every person into his family. It's helpful for churches to develop solid systems for assimilating people so that the back door isn't open too wide, and there are all kinds of events and processes associated with that assimilation process. 

Even though all the other ministries of the church can be exciting and fun, this is the one that matters the most. This is the work of the harvester in his harvest field - this is the work that changes not only lives, but eternities. 


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The ministry of management

Managing the resources of the local congregation is one of the privileges and responsibilities that God gives his people. While this management work isn't meant to be the primary or consuming focus of the people of God, it should be given the time it deserves so that God's gifts are carefully stewarded. From managing the grounds and inventory or handling finances to structuring the organization and creating reproducible processes, there are tons of ways churches engage in administration. 

Illumine Content is carefully developing products that will be useful to churches both large and small as they seek to be careful managers of God's good gifts.