Never Ending

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In June 2017, Illumine held its first annual Songwriting Weekend where several songwriters came to Illumine with a single goal: to start and finish writing a song that can be used by congregations for worship. Each Thursday, we will be featuring one of the songs that was composed that weekend.

Why (did your write) this song?

“The title pretty much sums it up. Jesus has never ending love for us all! I believe that is one of most beautiful things about having him as my Lord and Savior! I mean seriously, who am I? That he died for me? Amazing!” -Sierra Boyle

Song Breakdown

This song is a simple and clear gospel proclamation. We sinners continually give God more reasons not to love us, yet his love is never ending and Jesus’ death covers over all of our sins.

Sierra also does a nice job of taking passages straight from scripture and adapting them to song. The passage from 1 John 4 in particular stands out.

Use in Worship

This song is on the more difficult end of the spectrum when it comes to congregational use. The range is quite broad and some of the rhythms can be a little difficult to master. That being said, it is certainly doable with a proper amount of teaching and repetition.

As a gospel proclamation, it can be used in any number of contexts. Can you honestly think of a service that wouldn’t benefit from a clear pronouncement of the gospel?


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