A Newborn Bloom

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Why this song?

A few years ago, Kent and I were discussing the hymn “Behold a Branch is Growing.”

He thought the lyrics were not a good representation of the original German poem “Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.” I thought the melody, while pleasant, was difficult to sing congregationally.

So we simultaneously set out writing new lyrics and a new melody, separately. Somehow it ended up working out and and we now have “A Newborn Bloom.”

Song Breakdown

Using the metaphor of a blooming rose, and drawing heavily on the prophecies of Isaiah, the lyrics paint a beautiful picture of our Savior coming into the world. Though unassuming like a simple rose bud, the baby in the manger came to bring light to the sin-darkened world and to offer us hope and peace.

Use in Worship

This is definitely an Advent song, it would be a little strange (though certainly not impossible) to use in other parts of the year. The gentle melody also makes it fitting for a Christmas Eve service.

The melody was written with the goal of being more congregationally friendly than the original, so hopefully we succeeded and you find it easy to pick up on.


MP3, Lead Sheet, and Piano Music