10,000 Reasons

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Why this song?

As far as popular Christian songwriters go, Matt Redman is near the top of the list. As far as popular Matt Redman songs go, “10,000 Reasons” is near the top of the list. So why am I recommending it? Cause it’s good. It clearly checks off both of my criteria (it agrees with the Bible and is easy for congregations to sing).

Song Breakdown

The title “10,000 Reasons” is a bit of a misnomer, as the song clearly explains that the mercies of God are endless. While I may be able to count 10,000 reasons to thank him in my lifetime, there would still be more reasons after I finished counting.

While the second verse does begin naming a few of these mercies, the song functions well as a general song of praise. It lets each individual think about the reasons they have to thank and praise God for what he has done for them specifically.

Use in Worship

While many radio-friendly songs suffer from difficult ranges or tricky syncopations, “10,000 Reasons” avoids such pitfalls and makes for easy singing by a congregation.It has an easy to follow progression from chorus to verse and back again with no surprising bridges or anything like that.

Because it is a general song of praise, it can fit a great many different contexts and is quite easy to find uses for.


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