O Holy Spirit, Enter In

Why this song?

During Illumine Songwriting Weekends, we have timed mini-challenges. This year one of those challenges involved being randomly partnered with another songwriter, taking the lyrics to an old hymn, and writing a new melody for it.

Hannah and Alyssa took a simple guitar part and laid a beautiful, intricate melody over the top. Taking lyrics that had a tricky meter to write a melody for, they came up with something that is not only nice to listen to, but easy to pick up as well.

Song Breakdown

Out of the three members of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit seems to have the least songs written about him, which is a shame. This text beautifully communicates the different roles that the Holy Spirit plays in the life of a Christian.

Use In Worship

While it may not have the bombast of many openers or closers, I do feel that is where this song works best. Either at the beginning of the service to remind the congregation of the role of the Spirit in worship, or at the end of the service to remind them of his role as they go into their week.

While the original key makes for an easy guitar part (and fits Alyssa’s voice well) it would be difficult for many in a congregation to sing that low, so we have also included a second lead sheet in a higher, more congregationally-friendly key.


Free Lead Sheet in G (Original Key)

Free Lead Sheet in C (Higher Key)

Free Demo MP3