Weep With Me

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Why this song?

Those of you who follow us closely may have noticed that Illumine and the Rock Hill area have had a tough few months. There’s been plenty of tragedy, sorrow, heartbreak, and pain.

A few weeks ago, Rend Collective released a new album, and the song “Weep With Me” jumped out. It reflects a lot of the feelings that our people have been having recently. More importantly, it reflects the steadfast love of our God.

Song Breakdown

The language and flow of the song are very straightforward. In the midst of pain, the songwriter is asking God to be with them. They don’t ask for answers. They don’t ask for solutions. They just ask God to be with them and to weep with them.

The song is a lament, but in the midst of the lament, there is hope: “What’s true in the light is still true in the dark. You’re good and you’re kind and you care for this heart.”

But the songwriter doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t seek to remain in his sorrow. In the bridge he asks God to “turn my lament into a love song.”

Even in the midst of tragedy, the steadfast love of God endures. May we not only remember that, but thank and praise him for it.

Use in Worship

In the original key of Bb, this song can be difficult for a congregation to sing. We found it worked best when we raised the key to D, but then dropped the melody of the chorus an octave. It made the range much more manageable for the congregation.

Thematically, this song works very well, but only in very specific instances. It certainly would feel out of place on Easter or Christmas. It works very well, however, at a funeral or in the wake of a tragedy.


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