Psalm 76

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Why this song?

When I think of music in the Old Testament, I think of volume. Whether in the Psalms or elsewhere, there are numerous mentions of shouting, percussion, and jubilant song.

When I think of modern arrangements of Psalms, most of them are fairly subdued. While this is certainly appropriate for certain Psalms, Psalm 76 is not one of them, and Zac Hicks knows that.

His arrangement is jubilant, boisterous, and catchy, as it should be for such a joyful text.

Song Breakdown

Zac Hicks mentions that while writing this versified version of Psalm 76, he followed a similar approach to that of Isaac Watts; he looked at the Psalm through the lens of the New Testament to see Christ in it.

The verses are a fairly straightforward versification of the Psalm. The core idea, God is known among his people, is seen most clearly in Christ, which Hicks directly states in the bridge.

Use in Worship

This particular arrangement lends itself well to a larger ensemble (guitar, bass, percussion, a lead instrument, etc.) but could certainly be led by as little as a single guitar.

There is a decent amount of repetition in the verses and chorus making the melody easy for a congregation to pick up.


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