Psalm 139

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Why this song?

A fairly straightforward versification of the Psalm, this arrangement makes its theme clear by repeating it in the first and last verse: My Lord remains with me.

Song Breakdown

The song contains six short but sweet verses which reflect on what it means for God to remain with us.

His steadfast love is with us wherever we go. Even when we encounter enemies of God, he is present and in control. He is there to comfort and strengthen us when we face worry and temptation. The final two lines sum it up nicely: “In doubt or blessing, life or death, my Lord remains with me.”

Use in Worship

This melody is exactly what we look for for congregational singing: relatively simple and repetitive. It makes for a verse easy tune for the congregation to pick up.

Thematically, it works best when looking to emphasize God’s steadfastness, omniscience, and omnipresence.


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