Ignite a Flame

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Why this song?

Originally written for a children’s summer camp, this song’s catchy melody and deep lyrics made it a natural fit for congregational use. Tim Babler has a knack for writing songs that are memorable, easy to learn, and founded on solid Biblical truths.

Song Breakdown

The structure of the song is trinitarian, though in a slightly unconventional way. There are two verses, one of which talks about the work of the Father in our lives, the other talks about the work of the Son. The bridge covers the work of the Holy Spirit.

In all three cases, they point to how the love that God has shown us in each of his three persons is what motivates us to share that love with others.

Use in Worship

As mentioned above, the song is catchy and easy to pick up. The melody is straightforward and uses repeated elements to make the learning process go more smoothly.

Thematically, it would work when talking about the roles of the Trinity or in talking about evangelism or sharing the love of God with others.


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