Hide Away in the Love of Jesus

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Why this song?

Here at Illumine, we are in the midst of a sermon series that talks about how the brokenness of this world can lead a Christian to be distracted, double-minded, and cynical. This song is an excellent reminder of how we can keep a clear focus and avoid becoming cynical.

Song Breakdown

Each of the verses identifies something that can burden a Christian (weary, wandering, guilty, hopeless). The song makes it very clear what the solution to all of these problems is: relying on Jesus and his love.

Use in Worship

The song is very hymn-like in that all of the verses are identical (musically) and the melody is very straight (no syncopation). Making it very easy for congregations to catch on to.

Thematically, the song works well as an opener for worship. In worship, we receive spiritual rest by being reminded of the promises of God. That’s just another way of saying “Hide Away in the Love of Jesus.”


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