I Am

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Why this song?

It seems like every week I see a new study that talks about how, in an age where we are more connected than ever, people are feeling isolated and lonely.

Running groups, mom groups, craft groups, you name it. People are looking to make connections and stave off their feelings of loneliness. It’s even a big reason than many people join churches.

But when we sit alone and the devil is tempting us to despair because even though we are connected to all these people, we still feel alone, God tells us this comforting truth: I am holding on to you.  

Song Breakdown

The first verse describes the love of God seeking us out and finding us when we feel alone. When that love hits us, it overwhelms us, as described in the following verses.

One line in the bridge sticks out to me: “This is why it’s to you I run.” It brings to mind the verse from 1 John: “We love because he first loved us.”

Use in Worship

This is an easy song for those looking to lead worship with a guitar. It’s in the beginner-friendly key of G and uses an intuitive strumming pattern. The melody is also straightforward and catchy.

In worship, we receive spiritual rest by being reminded of God’s promises to us. This promise, to be with us, is one that can be repeated every week. The song fits in a wide variety of contexts.


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