He's Always Been Faithful

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Why this song?

I like talking to Christians about their pasts. I have yet to meet one that hasn’t echoed a statement similar to, “I didn’t understand what God was doing at the time, but later on it was clear how he was blessing me.”

We all see example of this in our own lives yet, when trials come our way, it’s easy to doubt. It’s easy to think, “I know you’ve taken care of me every time so far, but maybe this time will be different.” Yet, time and again, we are reminded of God’s unrelenting faithfulness.

Song Breakdown

Sara Groves uses some subtle (and some not so subtle) nods to the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” to connect this song both thematically and musically to the hymn.

The first verse talks about God’s faithfulness in the present, the second verse in the past, and the third verse in the future. It’s all-encompassing. There never has been and never will be a time when God isn’t faithful. That’s kind of the point.

Use in Worship

This is another song that exemplifies Worship. In worship, we find spiritual rest by being reminded of God’s promises. Here we remind ourselves of God’s promise to be faithful. It could work just about every week of the year.

The melody is simple and slow, making it easy for a congregation to learn.


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