So Will I

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Why this song?

There is nothing new under the sun. This applies to worship songs as well.

Songs, however well constructed or beautiful, do not tell us anything that the Bible has not already told us. What they can do, however, is present those truths through a different lense.

“So Will I” is unique because of the lense it uses to look at and present God’s truths.

Song Breakdown

While entire essays could be written breaking down the lyrics of this song, the focus is on God’s voice and creation. It examines how we, in viewing the vastness of creation and how it was all sculpted by the voice of God, can be inspired to worship.

The final verse simultaneously makes the song more universal and more personal. Again, it is the voice of God, when Jesus says “It is finished,” that calls us to worship. His death both covered over your individual sins (subjective justification) as well as the sins of the whole world (objective justification).

Use in Worship

While this song does contain some tricky rhythms, it is played at a slow enough tempo that these rhythms are very manageable for a congregation. The length of the verse does present its own challenge in introducing it to a congregation though. As with most songs, intentionally introducing the melody to the congregation and repeating as needed will go a long way.

While the song starts as what some might call a “First Article” song, focusing only on God the Father’s work as creator and sustainer, the final verse is pure justification through Christ. Therefore, the song can work when focusing on either aspect (creation or justification) and uses each as a lens to view the other.


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