Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow

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Why this song?

During Illumine Songwriting Weekends, we have timed mini-challenges. This year one of those challenges involved being randomly partnered with another songwriter, taking the lyrics to an old hymn, and writing a new melody and chorus for it.

Melanie and Caleb chose this fantastic text by Paul Gerhardt and breathed new life into it. Melanie pulled from Psalm 139 as they wrote the words to the chorus. The final product is beautiful and well tied together.

Song Breakdown

A classic example of an evening hymn of praise, Gerhardt reminds us of the many promises of God and how they allow us to rest securely.

The new chorus uses the words of Psalm 139 to remind us of God’s omniscience and omnipresence. The is a nice reminder of why God is able to keep the promises mentioned in the verses.

Use In Worship

While some songs work only at a certain time of year, this one really only works at a certain time of day (or night, rather). That being said, it would work year-round in any evening worship service.

Musically, the arrangement lends itself to simplicity. It can easily and beautifully be led by either piano or guitar with very little else.


Free Lead Sheet

Free Demo MP3