Blessed Jesus At Your Word

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Why this song?

During Illumine Songwriting Weekends, we have timed mini-challenges. This year one of those challenges involved being randomly partnered with another songwriter, taking the lyrics to an old hymn, and writing a new melody and chorus for it.

Tim picked this text even though Kent said it would be too difficult to do in such a short amount of time. The new melody is upbeat and perfect for the opening of a service. The chorus does an excellent job of tying the whole thing together.

Song Breakdown

This fantastic text by Tobias Clausnitzer does an excellent job of reminding us both why we come to worship and what it is we are doing when we come to worship: gathering around the Word of God to be reminded of his many promises to us.

Use In Worship

It makes the most sense (especially with this upbeat melody) to use this to open a worship service. It immediately focuses the congregation on why they are there.

I enjoy that this can be lead by a single guitarist (as it is in the demo below), but if you wanted to add additional instrumentation, it would be quite easy to do so.


Free Lead Sheet

Free Demo MP3