Grace Alone

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Why this song?

While this song is several years old, I only very recently discovered it. Kensrue is masterful in his lyric writing. He marries these lyrics with an upbeat arrangement and very singable melody that bring an energy far different from most Christian music being released in the last few years.

Song Breakdown

The song has a trinitarian structure with verse 1 focusing on God’s fatherly love for us, verse 2 on Christ’s redemptive work, and the bridge and 3rd chorus focusing on the Spirit’s sanctifying work. Kensrue’s lyrics are very direct and to-the-point, but also have a depth and weight to them.

Use in Worship

The upbeat nature of the song make it ideal as an opener or closer. The theme grace alone is applicable year-round. The focus on each member of the Trinity allows you to draw special focus on any one of them or to take the song as a whole to focus on the Trinity as a whole.

Musically, it features a very singable melody that would be easy for most congregations to pick up quite quickly.


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